Our services服务领域

Hotels and clubs
Hotels and clubs酒店及会所
  • Star hotels
  • Boutique, theme hotels
  • Resorts, high-end clubs
Office spaces
Office spaces办公空间
  • Headquarters office space
  • Corporate R&D Center
  • Corporate showroom, reception club
Commercial spaces
Commercial spaces商业空间
  • Format design
  • Planning and design
  • Decoration design and construction
Pavilions and showrooms
Pavilions and showrooms展示空间
  • Expositions, exhibitions
  • Museums, art galleries
  • Themed playgrounds
Public buildings
Public buildings公共建筑
  • Schools, hospitals
  • Train stations, airports
  • Theaters, parks
Residential spaces
Residential spaces住宅空间
  • Sales center, resident lobby
  • Model houses, renovations
  • Villas, detached houses

Service advantages服务优势

Lead by design
Conran Design Institute with international design vision, pay attention to study the core needs of customers for each project, with professional design ability to provide customers with the best design scheme, with rigorous work style to provide the most perfect technical support for the project, design is the soul; Engineering is the result.
Engineering construction integration
We have experienced professional construction technical team, strictly comply with the national quality management standards, follow the scientific and standardized construction process, and have a perfect project safety, site security, environmental protection and other measures; At the same time, we have a perfect construction POS project management system to escort each project.
A good after-sales service
Worry-free after-sale service, the service goal is "timely, efficient and satisfactory" after-sale service maintenance projects include: hydropower construction projects, woodworking construction projects, bricklayer construction projects, oil construction projects and foundation installation.
Green and healthy decoration
Committed to green design and engineering services, and practice the concept of "healthy decoration" through the research and development of high-end green materials and scientific construction management, to create a green, diverse, healthy and beautiful environmental space.

Sustainable architectural decoration打造可持续性建筑装饰服务

Prefabricated buildings bring new industrial upgrades
In the past few decades, prefabricated buildings, as a scientific construction method, have made great progress with the support of national policies. Conran Construction Group also conforms to the trend of the times, vigorously develops prefabricated buildings, and is committed to promoting the industrial upgrading of the field of construction and public installation through scientific construction methods such as prefabricated buildings.
Through the extensive application of prefabricated buildings, Conran Construction Group has solved many quality and procedural problems in the traditional construction process; Conran Construction is promoting the healthy development of building decoration with scientific and sustainable strategic thinking.
Healthy decoration, comfortable experience
Every business link of Conran Construction adheres to the concept of honest service, focusing on the design concept of building decoration sustainability, traceable building material configuration, transparent transaction relationship between supply and demand, and green construction management. Conran Construction actively carries out extensive research and development investment to explore scientific construction methods such as new materials, healthy materials, environmentally friendly materials and prefabricated buildings that reduce environmental impact. The high-end public decoration space designed and built by Conran Construction can ensure the comfort of the building environment and its positive impact on human health, and bring comfortable experience to users with healthy decoration.
Conran Construction - green technology building decoration general contractor!
Prefabricated buildings bring new industrial upgrades
Healthy decoration, comfortable experience
Conran Construction creates sustainable building decoration project
In addition to healthy materials and standardized construction, Conran Construction also pays great attention to improving the transparency and visibility of each link in the entire design and construction process. The building construction process and the continuous use of building facilities are also the focus of Conran Construction Group. Therefore, Conran Construction resolutely implements environmental protection design, green construction and standardized project management in all aspects of business, and is committed to reducing the adverse effects of construction projects to a minimum.
Conran Construction Group is honored to be a leading enterprise in promoting environmental protection design and healthy construction in China and the Asia-Pacific region, and promotes new upgrades in the field of public installations.
Conran Construction is improving the sustainability of office space in the following three ways to achieve the three goals of sustainable construction engineering.
Emission reduction
Conran Construction implements a series of clear and standardized systems and processes to minimize the emission of pollutants and harmful particulate matter.
Use sustainable resources
Conran Construction uses sustainable resources and materials as much as possible in construction projects, while ensuring the best use of materials during the construction process.
Reduce waste and recycle waste
Advocate to reduce waste as much as possible and carry out waste recycling in the process of project construction. We carry out regular training for all employees to teach about environmental protection and the relationship between employees and the working environment, so as to improve employees' environmental awareness and advocate environmental protection behavior.

Three goals of sustainable building decoration Engineering

Quality service - to achieve the overall quality delivery of design and construction projects
Conran Construction Group is committed to providing customers with integrated services of architectural decoration, from design, construction and project management to overall solutions. Serving customers with professional quality and realizing the overall quality delivery of design and construction projects are the common goals of all our Conran employees.
Efficient construction - digital construction improves the efficiency of building decoration engineering
In the era of digital economy, the Group is committed to building a "digital building decoration platform" based on "digital business center and data center" based on a large number of software products with independent intellectual property rights. Covering architectural decoration design engineering, project management of the whole life cycle, collaborative design, integration of business and finance, drawing and archives, etc., the integrated platform system of enterprise comprehensive management realizes efficient construction.
Go Green - Improve the quality of the indoor environment
Air quality directly affects people's health, work comfort and productivity. Among other factors, our sustainable building finishes maximize daylighting, proper ventilation and humidity control, and avoid the use of materials that produce high VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions. Realize "everyone enjoys the beauty of quality space".