Phase consultation and design接洽和方案设计阶段

  1. Consultation and negotiation
  2. First draft of the plan
  3. Concept design
  4. Design quote
  5. Signing the contract
  6. The project design
  7. Report and exchange
  8. Detailed design

Phase construction工程施工阶段

  1. Organizational plan
  2. Start construction report
  3. Technical disclosure
  4. Approach construction
  5. Project self-check
  6. Acceptance delivery
Project construction preparation
Set up a special project department, led by senior project managers and project leaders;
Digest bidding documents, design drawings, construction contracts, etc., apply for construction permits and fire protection application procedures
Site survey, familiar with the project situation, study drawings, start drawing review
Start the preparation and review of quality, time limit, safety, environmental objectives and control plan
Set up temporary facilities, three links and one level; Implement personnel, materials, capital requirements, etc
Determine the key points and difficulties of the project, compile and review the Construction Organization Design Scheme
Project construction stage
According to the "Construction Organization Design Scheme", the first batch of personnel and equipment enter the site to complete the site investigation and release
Material application, procurement, application for inspection, warehousing and inspection; At the same time custom processing materials for review
Scientific and regular flow work, all stages of process control, self-inspection, mutual inspection and handover inspection, strictly strengthen the process control
Prepare and process all kinds of "engineering contact list" and keep it on file
Project progress and project funds statistics, preparation, report for review
Quality, time limit, safety, environmental protection of each assessment target inspection and correction
Completion of the project for inspection
Project self-inspection, professional team to complete the cleaning work, debugging and repair
Project eepartment organizes and completes the initial inspection of internal quality inspection for each sub-project
Organize and complete the reinspection of engineering Department and Supervision department, and rectify the parts that do not meet the requirements
Collate project materials, draw as-built drawings, and compile project summary
Compile and submit the Completion Acceptance Report, cooperate with related departments for completion acceptance
Handle site handover, project file handover, submit project payment settlement
Enter the warranty maintenance process

Phase maintenance保修维护阶段

  1. After-sales warranty maintenance
  2. Regularly visit
  3. All-the-way tracking
    1. Engineering repair telephone: 0755-83288682-8004 waiting for your call for repair
    2. Response within 8 hours, engineering manager will call, visit and understand your needs
    3. Senior engineer on-site investigation, and you agree on emergency treatment measures
    4. Investigate and analyze the causes of engineering maintenance matters, and negotiate with you on the maintenance plan and preventive measures (within 3 working days)
    5. The project manager shall formulate the maintenance implementation plan, and upon confirmation by both parties, start the maintenance construction of the project
    6. Implement self-check and mutual check in each maintenance stage
    7. After completion of maintenance and construction, it shall be delivered to the owner for acceptance
    8. Summarize the engineering maintenance treatment results and submit the Maintenance Evaluation Report for archiving

Complaint handling process投诉受理流程

  1. Customer complaints
  2. Customer service staff records the complaint content
    1. File customer complaints
  3. Verify that the complaint is valid
    1. Reply to customer within 24 hours
  4. Identify the complaint handling confirmation department
  5. Responsible department to analyze the reasons
    1. Determining specific Responsibilities
  6. Propose treatment plan
  7. Submit to the supervisor for approval
  8. Implementation treatment plan
    1. The customer service staff informs the customer
    2. Implement handling responsibilities
    3. Filing of complaint forms
  9. End of complaint handling