Design and engineering management system设计和工程管理体系

Safety production management

  1. Strictly implement GB/T28001-2001 "Occupational Health and Safety Management System Specification Requirements"
  2. The implementation of safety responsibility, the implementation of responsibility management, adhere to the special type of work card on the post system, put an end to the operation behavior without a certificate
  3. Establish a professional and full - staff combination of safety production monitoring network
  4. Create a safety standard site to ensure that there are no casualties, no equipment accidents and other construction safety accidents are zero
  5. Adhere to the "safety first, prevention first" policy, and constantly improve the safety awareness of workers and self-protection awareness, so that the safety work to institutionalize
  6. The normal construction process, regular safety inspection, the establishment of safety inspection diary of the hidden danger of safety accidents to do "four not let go", serious treatment

Design quality management/Engineering quality management

  1. Design drawing review system
  2. Establish construction organization design review system
  3. Construction drawing reengraving system
  4. Technology, quality disclosure system
  5. Site material quality management
  6. Management of measuring instruments
  7. Strengthen construction management to ensure project quality

Engineering material management

Engineering material acceptance management
Engineering material acceptance management
The warehousing of engineering materials shall be completed by the custodian under the joint operation of the quality inspector, and the ledger of all materials shall be established. If it is found that the quality and quantity do not meet the requirements, it shall have the right to refuse. At the end of the month, the custodian will submit the receipt to the financial department for checking and settling monthly materials, and form monthly statements of all kinds of materials to the project experience and the general manager of the company.
Project receiving management process
Project receiving management process
First by the locale measurement of the builder, in conjunction with the project, metrology engineer, general engineer according to the actual amount remit Fang Chan or measuring single, early check list, and sign it at the same time, and then by the construction materials, head of the signature, and, according to the requirements of the finance management system standard paste, fill out the simple single accompanied, signed by the accountant for preliminary examination and confirmation, Finally, the project manager will sign and confirm and upload to the group's management system for review.
Material purchase and acceptance management
Material purchase and acceptance management

Outsourced Materials: Material personnel shall purchase materials according to the material purchase plan provided by the Project Department. On the same day, after the warehouse keeper accepts the quantity and quality, the warehouse is put into storage and signed for confirmation.

Material requisition: The warehouse keeper shall issue the material requisition according to the material requisition sheet, which shall be approved by the project manager and the project manager and signed by the requisition person. The custodian will collect the goods after truthfully registering. Other processes are subject to the system.

Building decoration POS project management system建筑装饰POS项目管理系统

Conran Construction Group has realized digital and online management of the project by using POS project management system.

POS project management system provides the most professional, intelligent, easy-to-use public decoration industry customer management CRM, schedule planning and management (PM) tools and services for the field of architectural decoration design engineering! Assist the project to quickly and effectively formulate reasonable project demand follow-up plan and project schedule plan from the source, deduce the optimal design scheme and construction scheme, and avoid conflicts in design and construction in advance; Assist the comprehensive optimization of projects in the construction process, timely and accurate warning of risks, and provide the basis for dispute resolution; Truly distinguish the responsibilities of each profession, and finally realize the quality of "collaborative construction"; To effectively shorten the construction period, save costs, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, to achieve the goal of "high quality" project results delivery!

"Three modernizations" management设计工程全程“三化”管理

Standardization of design

Standardization of design

Construction industrialization

Construction industrialization

Management online

Relying on the connectivity capability of 17duu POS system, Conran Construction Group connects the business of upstream enterprises and downstream dealers and agents, realizes the digital management of business operations such as customer reporting, joint follow-up, sales forecasting, data insight, and so on, and creates a win-win situation with partners.

Management online

Maintenance management维护和维修管理

  • Engineering and maintenance Tel: 0755-8382 8687
  • After-sales warranty maintenance, regular return visit
  • Response within 8 hours, engineering manager will call, visit and understand your needs
  • Senior engineer on-site investigation, and you agree on emergency treatment measures
  • Investigate and analyze the causes of engineering maintenance matters, and negotiate with you on the maintenance plan and preventive measures (within 3 working days)
  • The project manager shall formulate the maintenance implementation plan, and upon confirmation by both parties, start the maintenance construction of the project
  • Implement self-check and mutual check in each maintenance stage
  • After completion of maintenance and construction, it shall be delivered to the owner for acceptance
  • Summarize the engineering maintenance treatment results and submit the Maintenance Evaluation Report for archiving
Maintenance management