Reputation assurances品牌保障

General contractor for quality building decoration
Conran Construction Group provides one-stop office space overall solutions such as professional design + decoration construction + fire protection engineering + air conditioning purification + intelligent weak current engineering + office furniture production and installation, and is committed to providing value-added professional services for global high-end corporate customers.
National first-class enterprise of architectural decoration engineering
With a 16-year history, Conran Construction Group has obtained the first-class qualification of national architectural decoration and decoration construction, won the top ten brands of office space design in China, and the top 20 architectural decoration in Guangdong Province. With its scientific, rigorous and standardized management and high-quality products, it has been unanimously recognized by well-known enterprises such as Hongling Ventures, TATA Group, Eurocopter, Nestle, Hainan Airlines, Shenzhen Energy, and TCL. The service target exceeds more than 20 industries, spanning finance, electronic technology, trade, information, education and other industries.
No subcontracting, no affiliation, zero risk
Conran Construction Group adheres to the principle of not subcontracting or affiliation; relying on its own design, construction, and maintenance service centers, it provides professional, one-stop high-quality services to customers in various industries.
Green decoration, healthy and environmental protection
Conran Construction Group is committed to green environmental protection design and engineering services, and implements the concept of "healthy decoration" through the research and development of high-end green materials and scientific construction management, creating a green, diverse, healthy and beautiful environmental space, and doing every project well.

Quality assurances品质保证

Design standards
Conran Construction Group has rich experience and a strong professional design team. They adhere to the original dream of being a designer and create enduring works with the belief of craftsmen, rigorous thinking and active inspiration! Adhere to originality, and use the most intimate and professional service to create the most suitable design scheme for customers!
Material standard
In order to ensure the quality of the project, Conran Construction Group regards materials as an important part, adhering to the green ecology and environmental protection, real materials, and each material can be finally used in the project after repeated trials and audits.
Construction standard
Project managers follow up inspections throughout the entire process, strictly manage on-site management, work with unified certificates, project supervisors and designers conduct regular inspections; inspectors conduct irregular random inspections; customer service specialists supervise service quality in the form of telephone return visits to customers; Multiple quality controls.
Management standard
Conran Construction Group has the first-class qualification of national building decoration engineering construction, and has passed the three system certifications of ISO9001:2008, GB/T50430:2007 construction quality management, ISO14001:2004 environmental management and OHSAS18001:2011 occupational health and safety management.
Service standards
Establish a rapid response mechanism for customer service. According to the customer's feedback, the customer service department will have a special person to establish a detailed file on the reflected content within 8 hours and hand it over to the competent department to form a solution. The company guarantees that it will be completed within 24 hours.